Street Performers

Faneuil Hall Marketplace has some of the best entertainment in Boston.
With performances daily, you never know what you'll see at the marketplace!

From: Sydney, Australia
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 1998
Short Bio:
AL presents a high-energy comedy show that will have you reeling with laughter and twisting in your seat. Audiences the world over have been left breathless by Al's incredibly freaky body contortions, cheeky comedy and ridiculous, sky-high feats of danger. A mix of traditional vaudeville, circus sideshow and twisted comedy, ALAKAZAM is a self-contained stunt-show suitable for the whole family!
Al has won 20 International Street theater awards and was named critics choice by The Irish Times in 2013 at the Street Performance World Championships in Dublin, Ireland. Al was also a grand finalist on "Australia's got talent" Season 1.
AL has performed in 36 countries since 1996 and counts Bruce Springsteen and Sting as fans. Don't miss it!

Act Name: From Cambridge With Clubs
From: Our trio met while attending MIT. Al hails from Vermont, Ian's from Texas, and Stephen is from Florida.
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 2015
Short Bio: From Cambridge With Clubs is a juggling, unicycling, and diabolo-ing trio putting their engineering degrees to good use on the streets of Boston! Al, Stephen, and Ian met at the MIT Juggling Club and haven't stopped juggling together since.
They combine a high level of technical juggling with a quick wit that crowds love. Check out for more details and booking info!

Act Name: Kilted Colin
From: Boston!
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 2010
Short Bio: Kilted Colin is a high energy performer filled with hilariousness from head to toe. Doing things you would never believe you would see from a man in a kilt.... Acrobatics, Bagpiping, Unicycling, Juggling, Hilarious dancing, and Extremely good looks.

Act Name: The Real McCoy Show
From: Greensboro, Vermont
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 2009
Short Bio: Brent McCoy grew up on a dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He is a world-touring physical comedian known for his boundless charisma, breathtaking circus skill, and hilarious comedy. He may look like an ordinary construction worker, but rest-assured, this is the Real McCoy.

Act Name: The Red Trouser Show
From: New Hampshire
Short Bio: The Red Trouser Show – Circus, Acrobatics, Danger, Comedy David Graham and Tobin Renwick, are a high energy acrobatic, juggling and comedy duo. They have been performing in circuses, theaters, and busking all over America and internationally since 2000.

Act Name: YoYoShow
From: Anchorage, Alaska
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 2002
Short Bio: World Yo-Yo Champion and 4 time Guinness World Record holder with performances in 26 countries.

Act Name:Bob at Large!
From:Kanab, UT
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program:2013
Short Bio:Bob at Large is no stranger to danger! This is where circus meets the streets and three-wheeling, cylinder stacking, comic adventure begins. Unbelievably high skills and seemingly deadly stunts are tightly woven into a show with as much comic tension as a family of whales on a bungee cord. Now you decide; unbalanced inspiration or inspiration-ally unbalanced? Bob's show is a side splitting laugh a minute.
Bob's been juggling since August 7, 1986, when he received his first set of juggling clubs, on his 13th birthday. Still in love with circus arts, Bob is the author of "Juggling Step-by-Step" a book and ball set that's been to print 5 times! Teaching literally tens of thousands to juggle. He's performed with over 20 circuses. Appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman. Bob's clip was so outrageous, Dave exclaimed, "Thats just insane, Bob!" CBS even included this stunt it in their tribute, "David Letterman: A Life on Television." Above all... Bob's favorite is street performing, "The spontaneous generosity of spirit that comes from an unsuspecting audience is magic"

Act Name:Jacob Sharpe
From:Boston, MA
Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program:2015
Short Bio:One of the world's premiere juggling artists, Jacob has been training like a maniac for 15 years now. Juggling up to 8 balls, spinning as many 4 diabolos, flipping as many as 1 times over as much as 2 small children, Jacob keeps audiences spellbound with his intricate tricks and easygoing charm. After graduating from MIT in 2011 with a physics degree, he's traveled around the world forgetting his education, performing for a year in Berlin, touring with a circus in Switzerland for 10 months, and learning and collaborating with the world's greatest jugglers. He's happy to bring something special back to Boston.

Act Name:Robert Clarke...Magician Juggler funny Guy!
From: Chelsea, MA

Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 2000
Short Bio: Robert Clarke keeps the audience in awe with his jaw dropping juggling stunts, mind blowing magic and interactive comedy.  He has performed internationally such as Canada, Japan and Malaysia and not to mention over 30+ states in the USA.  Also appeared on PBS, Chronicle and The Travel Channel with his high energy show.  Come check out this family friendly show.

Act Name:TEN31 Productions
From: Pawtucket, RI

Joined the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer Program: 2003
Short Bio:TEN31 specializes in Living Art for Special Events.  Providing public performances at Faneuil Hall Marketplace and WaterFire Providence our Living Statues come to life and present individuals with scrolls containing fortunes, words of wisdom, and riddles.  Our slogan is We Make Pretend and we strive to give every person who sees us a moment of magic, mystery and inspiration.  TEN31 has over 200 different characters and is also available for performance at private events.  For more information please visit us at

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